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Meet Your New 2020-2021 Access Chair, Philip Browning

Hey Everybody! For those of you new to Access Tallahassee, welcome! And to those of you who have weathered the virtual storm and are as excited as I am for the return of in-person networking, welcome back! My name is Philip Browning and I have the honor to serve as your Access Chair for the […]

Customer Remarketing: Tips on How to Grow Online

Hemal Patel, KB Studio >> 7.29.2020 Getting customers during these times has been difficult. We’ve been using our expertise of building websites and getting traffic (Google, Facebook, etc.) to help our clients push through, and continue to grow online.  Did you know you could reconnect with people who visited your site? It’s easier to sell […]

Conversations are the Way Forward

Jason Hollister » 6.17.2020 I was fortunate to grow up in environments where the majority of my peers didn’t look like me or have the same life experiences. From elementary to high school, my circle of friends was diverse and I learned a lot about myself and others. Seeing the world through the eyes of […]

Why Tallahassee

Patrick O’Bryant | 6.1.2020 When I left Tallahassee to attend Harvard Law School I was repeatedly told that I would never return to my hometown, that instead I would be drawn to the opportunities and allure of the “big city.” I was met with skepticism when I stated, with conviction, that I would be coming […]

COVID-19 Book & Podcast List To Keep You Going

Hannah Crow | 5.7.2020 It’s safe to say that a majority of our free time has included Netflix binging, scrolling, ordering takeout, and hashtagging support local. For that, our sweet Tallahassee is thankful! The internet is a wonderful place that is keeping us virtually connected. Zoom calls, educational webinars, and FaceTime happy hours with friends […]

Considerations for Communicating Your Brand During the COVID -19 Pandemic

The global economy has been thrust into an inflection point. As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread around the world, there is virtually no line of business that won’t be impacted. That means your brand will be too. Things are moving fast and change will be constant in the coming months. The normal pace of […]

Millennial to Millennial….

Millennials now more than ever, have the power to change the world, flatten the curve and stop the spread of this virus that has turned everyone’s world upside down.

The Millennial Guide to Working Remotely

It can be difficult to navigate working from home during a global pandemic, but now is the time to focus on the things that you can control. While others view mandatory work from home life as a vacation of sorts, now is the time to get back to the basics and use this time for personal and […]