Access Tallahassee Member Testimonials

Access has played a huge roll in the growth of my business network. I have had the pleasure of building good friendships with business people in our community that I would have never met, if it weren’t for Access. Also, Access has provided me with ways to engage in Tallahassee and serve the community that I love.

Access Tallahassee has provided me the perfect platform for building my network while offering programs that allow me to engage in community issues and experience personal and professional growth. Access should be a top priority for any young professional in Tallahassee pursuing advancement in their career.

Since moving to Tallahassee about two years ago, Access has been a pivotal organization for me to network, make potential business relations, and long-lasting friendships. As a member, I’ve enjoyed many amazing events that Access puts on such as Coffee & Connections, Power Luncheons, along with my most favorite Business & Brews. Access is a golden pathway for building tomorrow’s leaders. I look forward to continuing to serve Access in any way I can and continuing to build relationships! I would highly recommend Access to any young professional in Tallahassee or whom has recently moved here.

I think it’s important for young professionals to get involved, we are the next generation of leaders for our community and the companies we work for. If we start trying to make a difference in our 20’s and 30’s we are setting Tallahassee, our companies, and peers up to lead and grow, and that is where we will see a difference being made in Tallahassee.

Since moving to Tallahassee, I’ve learned that this city has a lot to offer. It is up to you to go out and find out what’s going on. One way I have really been able to tap into the community was joining the Chamber. Through this I was able to join Access Tallahassee and meet other likeminded individuals such as myself and learn about Leads Groups and other organizations, such as, United Way Emerging Leaders where I sit on the Fundraising Committee. This is just the beginning for me as I am learning more about Tallahassee and meet new people every day.