Access Tallahassee Member Testimonials

“Access Tallahassee was instrumental in connecting me with leaders, professionals and friends. My organization would not exist without the support I received from Access when I arrived 3 years ago.”

I have been a member of Access Tallahassee for five years now, and I will say that it has been one of the better decisions I have made for my business. The friends and connections I have made over the years have been invaluable, and I would urge any young professional looking for an easy, low cost way to network and grow your business to take a look at the program and visit the Access Leads groups.

Access Tallahassee has been a phenomenal resource for our Agency. I can tangibly attribute business through our participation over the last several years and Access has become an integral part of our new business development efforts.

Members also have “access” to educational luncheons, meetings and information which becomes invaluable when growing your business in this community. Since joining the group just over a year ago, I’ve grown professionally and personally from the amazing relationships cultivated in Access. The members genuinely care about their businesses and helping in any way to grow yours. I would recommend this group to any young professional I know.

The person who came up with the name Access really hit the nail on the head when it comes to describing this group. It doesn’t take long into your first meeting or social to find out this is a great group of young professionals who are going to give you “access” to further your career. Members have “access” to networking events unique to the development of lifelong connections.

Access has been invaluable to growing my network. The people there are fun and everybody is helping each other get to the next level.

Throughout my two years with the group I have had the opportunity to develop both professional and personal relationships that have paid dividends financially and professionally. The contacts that I have made through the group have helped me grow my business and have allowed me to establish a professional network that is sure to be beneficial for years to come.

Access Tallahassee provides opportunities to connect and engage with like-minded young professionals and cultivates a diverse network of emerging leaders committed to improving our community.

Access Tallahassee has been an amazing resource for both my personal and professional life! I’ve been able to connect with a wide variety of Tallahassee business leaders and also make some great friends along the way!

It’s much more than getting up in front of a bunch of strangers to pitch your business. We know each other really well in Access Leads Group B and are sincere about helping everyone in the group be successful.

“I joined Access last year to benefit the Museum—a new network to spread our reach among young professionals? Perfect! In reality, I benefit even more. Tons of wonderful new friends and opportunities for professional growth. I personally pay for our membership. It is an investment in me.”

Access Tallahassee has been a tremendous help to me professionally. I can credit Access Tallahassee for helping grow my business network, enhancing my understanding of our community, and even creating some great friendships. I am a believer in the programs of Access Tallahassee and the people who I know because of them.