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Artists gussy up maze of Gallie Alley with fresh images

From the Tallahassee Democrat “Manhattan has Tin Pan Alley. Seattle has Post Alley. Tallahassee has Gallie Alley. Lately, the alleyway might be more aptly coined “gallery” alley given its recent multi-mural makeover. The alleyway’s history is as storied as downtown. Its tradition for art is similarly longstanding. “It’s an incredible block that I think often […]

Access Tallahassee Announces Fall Day of Action

Access Tallahassee is excited to announce it’s Fall 2020 Day of Action! Access invites you to show some love to Downtown Tallahassee through Day of Action, sponsored by Trulieve! Join us on Saturday, November 14th for a downtown clean up and graffiti canvasing. Working in teams, you’ll be given a map, a garbage bags and […]

Access Members Work with KCCI on Educational Bike Park

We’re proud of Access members Patrick O’Bryant and Callie Watson for their hard work as KCCI 2020 Community Catalysts! Check out what they’ve been up to – From WCTV Leon County’s first educational bicycle park was completed this week at Sabal Palm Elementary School as part of a partnership with the Knight Creative Communities Institute. Sabal […]

First Cup with Lindsey Magura

North American Properties’ VP of Development, Lindsey Magura joins us this episode for an update on the projects they’re working on and how things have shifted in the construction industry since COVID-19.

First Cup with Jay Revell

In this episode, Jay updates us on the latest news about Florida’s stay-at-home order, what it means for local businesses, and what we can expect to see going forward.

First Cup with Thomas Whitley

We chat about how we as young professionals can approach this crisis, see where opportunities might exist, and how young professionals will come out on the other side of this crisis in a unique position to create change.

First Cup with Ryan Smith and Kyrie Thomas

Ryan Smith, Chief Clinical Officer/Chief Nursing Officer at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare joins the April 17 episode to share data and insights on COVID-19 as well as how this crisis has affected local healthcare workers.

First Cup with Talethia Edwards

Hear how the Bond Community champion, mother of nine, and friend of all is adjusting to the “new normal”. We talk about ways we’re supporting each other through these wild times and how being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean you have all the answers.

FIRST CUP with Access Tallahassee

There’s no question the hospitality industry was hit HARD by COVID-19. Amanda shared ways Social Catering has had to adjust during these trying times, ways the industry will look a little different on the other side, and ways the restaurant community has come together to support each other.

Tally Job Hop Connects Students with Local Tech Companies

On February 19th, 20 students from Florida State University, Florida A&M Univeristy, and Tallahassee Community College participated in the Tally Job Hop Tech Edition. Students spent the better half of the day hopping to local tech companies who are actively seeking talent to fill a number of positions. Through this experience, students are able to […]