Customer Remarketing: Tips on How to Grow Online

Hemal Patel, KB Studio >> 7.29.2020

Getting customers during these times has been difficult. We’ve been using our expertise of building websites and getting traffic (Google, Facebook, etc.) to help our clients push through, and continue to grow online. 

Did you know you could reconnect with people who visited your site? It’s easier to sell to those who know your brand, and what you have to provide, than to someone brand new. My focus below is to help show you how it’s possible to remarket to people who visited your website, and how you can do this in a fairly in-expensive way.

You can use platforms like Google Ads ( and Facebook/Instagram ( to advertise your business. What’s amazing is you’re not advertising to just anyone, you can set up advertising campaigns that only target people who visited your website. 

What if someone visited your site, and then specifically went to a page that showed high interest? In the 3 examples below, I’ll show you how we set up campaigns to help our clients grow their business in these times with effective online advertising.

Accounting Niche

We created retargeting ads for an accounting firm that specifically wanted help with their online bookkeeping service. We spent some time understanding how people visit their website, how they interact with the bookkeeping page. 

Here’s a simplified drawing of how we’d retarget every website visitor to this accounting firm’s website.

We created campaigns based on the pages they visited. If they only went to the homepage, they got an ad reminding them of who the firm is and to learn more. If they visited the bookkeeping page, they got a different ad with the goal of getting their contact information, to get a free consultation.

Remember the moving GlenGarry Glen Ross with Alec Baldwin? We’re using the classic AIDA model here – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.


For anyone selling almost 100% online, remarketing to your visitors is even more important. For this specific e-commerce client we helped, it was a matter of over 22% increase in business (comparing the last 3 months to the 3 months previous).

Abandoned cart is a notorious thing for online shopping businesses. People visit your website, add things to their cart, and for whatever reason they don’t complete their transaction. It could be that they forgot their credit card, need to do some more research, or just need a simple nudge to finish the process.

We created ads around all areas of the customer journey, and the easiest win was making a simple ad for those who specifically visited the checkout page, and we showed them an ad with a 10% coupon code.

The desired action was that they’d click on the ad, use that 10% coupon, and our client would win by getting more volume in business. And that they did.

Pest Control

If it’s one area of business that we noticed did well during these times, it’s the home services area. Everyone’s home and either wants to take on DIY projects, or fix problems throughout their house. 

With this client, we did a mixture of simple ads to remind people to get a quick & free quote for their pest control needs, depending on what page they visited. For this client, we also utilized their previous customer email list to share some “Summer Pest Control Tips”, and remind them to contact us for any pest control help.

Get a free review & report on how you can do remarketing

There are simple ways that you can get in front of your potential customers again and again, to remind them that you’re the right one for them to work with. Whether you provide something that’s an impulse buy, or something more expense, there’s a right way to do it.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about how your business can take advantage of customer remarketing, please email me at

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