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Strong connections are important in all phases of life, but perhaps never more than as a young professional or entrepreneur. Connections to friends, business owners, and the community mean gaining access to greater opportunity & creating a strong start to a successful career.

The Access Tallahassee program is all about connecting young professionals with the tools & resources they need for long-term success to become the next generation of leaders in the Tallahassee community. For more information on Access Tallahassee, contact us at (850) 521-3109.

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Access Member Spotlight

Stephanie Shumate, CATECOMM

Where do you work and what is your role? CATECOMM is a public relations and communications firm based in Tallahassee. If you ask my colleagues ​what ​my internal role is​, they may say​ Niceness Manager,​ which outside our CATECOMM family translates to Vice President of Client Relations. We help nonprofits, corporations, and politicians say and do things better — through great […]

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