Traylor Roberts, Aquarian Clinic



Tell us a little about your Tallahassee Story. What brought you to Tallahassee?

I was born over at TMH! I grew up in Tallahassee and went away for college to SEU in Lakeland. Found myself back in Tallahassee when I graduated and started working at the wonderful Lucky Goat Coffee Co and from there got more involved with small business creation and operation.

Tell us more about how you’re involved in Tallahassee.

I spend most of my time working to increase accessible healthcare availability through our company Aquarian Clinic, along with partnering with like-minded health and wellness organizations in our community + the greater Florida network. I’m very passionate about our music and arts scene and run a small music studio in my spare time. I also work a lot with churches including my own home church Engage Tallahassee! I’m trying to learn a lot about our local city/county political figures to further Tallahassee’s small business opportunities to make this city more attractive to young professionals. If I’m not working at Aquarian Clinic or making music you can probably find me at one of our local bars/restaurants. I’m a huge fan of local F&B.

What is your favorite thing about Tallahassee?

Tallahassee is made by the people. For being the capital, it has a small-town feel with plenty of opportunities that seem to be growing fast!

What is your dream for Tallahassee?

I want to see Tallahassee become more invested in small business incubation and have retail/F&B offerings more akin to a Charlotte/Raleigh-type city. More local businesses could be propped up with access to prime real estate that serves the city more than non-retail businesses that occupy a majority of our walkable downtown. I want to see Tallahassee continue to incentivize new businesses, job creation, and young professional retention.

How are young professionals like yourself shaping Tallahassee?

Our young folks who stay are really passionate about building a ladder for the next generation and adding value to this town. I see people like Patrick O’Bryant, Christian Caban, and other young leaders trying to invite young professionals into the networking fold, getting involved in local politics, and de-mystifying the chamber/local politics. Then folks like Matt Sweezy (Head Chef/Co-Owner of Black Radish) and his team are creating a dining experience that orients Tallahassee in an exciting culinary direction for the future. Instead of moving, they’re taking everything they loved from experiencing other markets to elevate our own!

What would you say to someone considering a move to Tallahassee?

You get out what you invest in Tallahassee. Don’t expect to just show up and be pulled into every group, find all the perfect fits, etc. If you’re willing to get out there and find the right fit for you, you’ll find Tallahassee to be a fun, diverse, scene where you can find more to do than you’d expect!

What is your Tallahassee favorite?

  • Place to eat: Black Radish/Il Lusso
  • Place to be outside: Tom Brown Disk Golf Course
  • Place to hang out: Poco Vino/Ology Coffee Midtown
  • Place to capture the perfect Instagram pic: J.R. Alford Greenway
  • Place to people watch: Costco
  • Way to give back: Engage Tallahassee, Trinity UMC
  • Event: TSO Concerts

How do you spend your free time?

I love going to the gym, recording bands, and working on my car

Something most people don’t know about you?

I’m technically half-French Canadian! My mom naturalized and moved to Tallahassee by the time I was born.

Favorite quote?

Money Isn’t Everything, But Lack Of It Is

Favorite app?


Best way to start the day?

Shot of Espresso and the Gym!

What brings you peace?

God, Good Wine, and Fast Cars

Ideal vacation?

Touring French Wine Country

What kind of music do you listen to?

Mostly RnB, Jazz, Indie Rock, 70’s/80’s

Favorite movie?


Biggest pet peeve?

People who are short with servers/cashiers

Favorite show?

What We Do In The Shadows

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