Summer Griffith, Drip Drop Fitness

In honor of Entrepreneurship Month, we’re highlighting young professionals in our community who made their dreams a reality.

Summer Griffith opened Drip Drop Fitness in May 2017 after seeing a need a place where women could enjoy fun, high energy group workouts in Tallahassee. Three years and one pandemic later and she’s still going strong. 

What was your “I think this is going to work” moment?

This is going to work when we started to have waitlists on our classes! More people wanting to come than spots available means I’ve created something people want!! It allowed us to offer more class times and hire more people for our team!

What has been your proudest moment?

When I read personal testimonies of our members. Sometimes when I need encouragement I just scroll through our Google reviews, ha!

Entrepreneurship in one word? 


Biggest achievement so far?

Being recognized as one of FSU’s 2020 7 under 30, recognized as an official lululemon ambassador, and hitting (surviving the first) 3 years in business!!

Biggest career fail?

Not necessarily a “fail”, but COVID has taken a major toll on our business. Something I never could have predicted. February was our strongest month in history and in a 2 week span we were closed. We are still recovering.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Traveling with my husband (and possibly future kids!) – and dancing at a Drip Drop Fitness in different cities!

Why Tallahassee?

It is a welcoming, genuine, comfortable, community driven place to start a business. I felt I could make an impact here. It wasn’t too big of a city that I would feel overpowered or brushed under the rug. People in Tallahassee are itching for new and different offerings in town and I believed I would bring variety and excitement to the community through Drip Drop Fitness.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone starting out?

Be brave and believe in yourself. It’s so easy to doubt every move when you’re the one in charge. But- If you believe you can do it, you can do it.

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