Stephanie Shumate, CATECOMM

Where do you work and what is your role?
CATECOMM is a public relations and communications firm based in Tallahassee. If you ask my colleagues ​what ​my internal role is​, they may say​ Niceness Manager,​ which outside our CATECOMM family translates to Vice President of Client Relations. We help nonprofits, corporations, and politicians say and do things better — through great content, innovative products, and compelling messaging.

Tell us a little bit about your background?
I’ve always had a love for learning, planning events, children and youth, and advocating for social justice issues. Before CATECOMM, I worked with Herff Jones Yearbooks in an 18 county territory in North and Central Florida, and previously worked on Loranne Ausley’s 2010 CFO campaign, ​as well as serving as Executive Director for our local Leon County substance abuse prevention coalition. During college and immediately following graduation I ran a statewide youth development​ program out of the Office of Safe Schools at the Florida Department of Education. I love connecting with people, serving my community, and creating meaningful and positive change.

Where are you from?
TMH baby but I grew up in Gainesville, FL.

Why Tallahassee?
I moved back to Tallahassee in 2004 to attend FSU​. I was very involved​ at FSU through service learning and thanks to many amazing mentors, professors, community organizations, and my Department of Education work family while in school, I was exposed to more than just the two mile radius of campus. I was encouraged to plant roots in my community while in college and did so. Tally just felt like home, it’s a lot like Gainesville, but was bigger and better! I saw myself here and when a place feels like home, it’s a hard feeling to shake.

What do you like about Tallahassee?
I like a lot of things about Tally but here are a few things I love:

  • I love our canopy covered roads, just having recently moved out to the North side of town driving Meridian more often is a real treat!
  • I love the people, it’s the simple, southern, small town vibe mixed with big city dreaming and can-do attitude.
  • I love our options, you can take plenty of days trips in and around town to hidden gems of the community, or attend a once in a lifetime event put on by all the amazing local organizations, or you can drive two and half hours in pretty much any direction, and find beach, mountains, caverns, rivers, lakes, or springs, full of adventure.
  • I love the history, there are so many stories to learn about at the Old Capitol Museum, Downtown, all the random historical markers we pass by, and our opportunity as a community to be a part of creating history in our backyard.

What’s on the top of your Tallahassee bucket list?
The Grove Museum and anything else super AWESOME people want to let me know about.

What’s the best part about Access? Why/how did you get involved?
Connecting with my peers across all fields and industries beyond the typical happy hour or networking event has been awesome! Getting involved in Access is a great starting point or landing pad for any young professional, I still feel like I haven’t taken advantage of all it has to offer.

Favorite Access event and why?
I love the service days with Access​! Getting to know ​members through meaningful connection​ and service to our community is wonderful. Coffee and Connections is another great pulse point to keep me engaged with my peers and what’s new or on the horizon with the community.

Organizations you’re involved in? (Member, volunteer, leadership position, etc.)
2018: Event Volunteer and Media Relations Committee, Field Day
2017-Current: Community Director, Junior League of Tallahassee (Member since 2011)
2017-Current: TallyRAK, Founder
2017 -Current: HelpShelf TLH, Leadership Class 34 Project, Executive Committee Member
2017: Whole Child Leon Chopped Junior, Executive Committee Member
2016-Current: Leadership Tallahassee, Class 34
2013-Current: Tallahassee Kickball Association, Co-Founder and Community Director
2010-Current: United Church In Tallahassee, Member

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