Member Spotlight: Erin Warner

“I honestly think Tallahassee is the most beautiful city in Florida.” – Us too, Erin! This hard working single mom is the Director of Events & Recruitment at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Big Bend. Learn more about Erin’s story and why she loves calling Tallahassee home.

Where do you work and what is your role?

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Big Bend, Director of Events & Recruitment

Tell us about your background.

First and foremost, I’m a single working-mother to my 7 year old son aka: the best friend a gal could have.
My background though is in Event Planning, Hospitality and Theatre. I really just love working with people and I strive to find success and happiness in the professional working world and hope that people enjoy working with me and recommend my work to many others.

How did you end up in Tallahassee?

Tallahassee is where I call home. I was born in Delaware and my family lived in Maryland for a minute; but when I was about 4yrs old my dad got a job working for Reynolds Aluminum Cans; so my mom packed me and my brother and sister up and moved us here on a train in 1989. After college, I lived in Austin, Texas for a bit; that’s where my son was born. I moved back to Tallahassee in 2014 so my son could grow up close to his family and I’ve been here ever since.

What do you like about Tallahassee?

I honestly think Tallahassee is the most beautiful city in Florida. The Canopy Roads are my favorite for sure. I remember one of the only ways I could get my son to fall asleep was to put him in his car-seat and just drive those beautiful roads and be surrounded by their beauty. Plus I love our sense of community here and how much it has changed over the years, always growing.

What’s on the top of your Tallahassee bucket list?

Definitely to have a margarita outside at that new El Cocinero in Midtown outside when it’s a beautiful day!

What’s the best part about Access?

Access always puts on great events; I got involved through my Leads 2 Group.

Favorite Access event?

Coffee & Connections – I like getting up with the sun in the mornings; so naturally I’ve always enjoyed the Coffee & Connections events. It’s a perfect networking event to kick-off the weekend and help motivate you to make that new connection!

What other organizations are you involved in?

Leads 2 Chamber Group – Member
School of Arts and Sciences on Thomasville – Parent Volunteer

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