Kolhman Minter, Morgan Stanley


Financial Advisor


Morgan Stanley


Tallahassee, FL

What brought you to Tallahassee?

I was born here, and I always enjoyed being a part of this community, so I decided to stay in Tallahassee and go to FSU for college. Afterword’s I was lucky enough to be able to get a great job here as well.


What is your favorite thing about Tallahassee?

It has to be the sense of community that comes with living here. People who know this city always refer to it as a “little-big-town” because while you might not know everyone here, everyone has mutual friends in this city, and that allows us to make connections all over town.

What is your dream for Tallahassee?

I would love to see Tallahassee continue to grow in all areas of the economy, but on top of that, I would really love to see our city get a Top Golf driving range.

What would you say to someone considering a move to Tallahassee?

I would tell them that it is always a great time to move here. We are growing like crazy, the people here are incredibly welcoming and fun, and there are lots of opportunities for personal and career growth.

What are you Tallahassee favorites?

– Place to eat: Food Glorious Food
– Place to be outside: Cascades Park
– Place to hang out: Thew Brass Tap
– Place to capture the perfect Instagram pic: Doak Campbell Stadium
– Place to people watch: Tin Lizzies out door seating on a Friday afternoon
– Way to give back: Coaching Youth Lacrosse
– Event: Word of South Tallahassee

How do you spend your free time?

I spend a lot of time having fun outside around Tallahassee doing activities like golfing at Summerbrooke, pickle ball at Winthrop Park, or mountain biking out at the Greenway.

Something most people don’t know about you?

I started an oyster farm/distribution company with my brother back in 2018 called Stanish and Minter Oyster Co. I will still work out there occasionally on weekends, but he manages and operates the whole thing now. We have had our oysters served at restaurants all over Tallahassee and the Southeast.