Cassidy Wagner, Acentria Insurance


Cassidy Wagner 


Employee Benefits Consultant 


Acentria Insurance 


Vero Beach, FL 

Tell us your Tallahassee Story, what brought you to Tallahassee?  

A job opportunity with Acentria brought me to Tallahassee post-graduation. 

Are you involved in any organizations other than Access? 

I am a recent SHRM and Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) member. 

What is your favorite thing about Tallahassee? 

All of the outdoor spaces!
-Boating at St. Marks
-Cascades/Lake Ella/Lafayette
-Pickleball courts at Winthrop Park 

What business or event would you like to see come to Tallahassee? 

I am looking the most forward to the opening of the Pickle Pad. 

What would you say to someone considering moving to Tallahassee? 

Tallahassee has great opportunities while maintaining a small town feel. With its fantastic parks, restaurants, and events, there is never a dull moment in Tallahassee. There are so many fun ways to get involved in the community! 

What is your favorite thing about your career? 

Having the opportunity to bring value to people and their businesses by promoting employee health and well-being. 

Local Tally Favorites 

Place to eat? 

Fresh Roots & El Jalisco 

Nature/ Outdoor Space? 

Lafayette Heritage Trail 

Happy Hour? 

Charlie Park Rooftop 

Place to people watch? 

Cascades Park

Date night?  

The Huntsman 

Snap the perfect Instagram pic? 

Lake Ella 

Way to give back to the community? 

Currently in the application process for Big Brothers Big Sisters, but have not yet started. 

Annual event or festival? 

Concerts at Cascades Park 

How do you spend your free time? 

Day trips to the beach/coast and playing pickleball 

What is your bucket list vacation or travel location? 

Denali National Park, Alaska 

What is your guilty pleasure movie? 

The Holiday 

What is your favorite app or social media? 

LTK & Tik Tok 

What is a book that changed your life? 

The Nightingale -Kristin Hannah 

Pineapple on pizza?  

Not a fan