Millennial to Millennial….

We know you’re probably ignoring the hundreds of emails you’ve received in the last 72 hours from every company you’ve ever whispered your email address to and we promise, this is not another article telling you to wash your hands (although we do highly encourage it). This is our plea, millennial to millennial to take these precautions seriously. Millennials now more than ever, have the power to change the world, flatten the curve and stop the spread of this virus that has turned everyone’s world upside down. The scary part is, this is just the beginning.

Now is the time to listen – STAY HOME. We can potentially squash this by the end of summer vacation and bounce back just in time for football season. Use this time to spruce up your resumes, clear out old emails, think through that side hustle you’ve been noodling, watch a Master Class, deep clean your bathroom. To quote the great Betty Draper, “Only boring people are bored.” (and if you haven’t watched Mad Men, that’s a great place to start).

Let’s not give everyone another reason to stereotype millennials and throw “coronavirus parties” on a Tuesday afternoon. Stay home, pick out one of the 500 different songs to sing while washing your hands, share a few memes and let’s get this thing under control because let’s be honest working from home is going to get old, real quick.

Cheers! We’ll see you soon!

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