Finding Fluorescence Activity

A cool hands-on science initiative that you can do in your own backyard to find “glowing” species!

Finding Fluorescence is a resource to teach about biofluorescence, get people involved in and excited about making discoveries, and to document the presence or absence of biofluorescence in the vast number of species across the world, in a format accessible to scientists of all fields.

Unveil the world hidden in your own backyard using a simple blacklight. You will see leaves turn red, bugs turn green, and organisms glow before your eyes. The discoveries you make can then be shared for scientists across the globe to access so they can better understand the variation and diversity of biofluorescence. This is a great inexpensive activity that you can do in the classroom, on your favorite trail, or in your own home. Free downloadable worksheets are also available to connect the hands-on activity to the science behind it.

Try to find biofluorescence in YOUR backyard! Check out for information on data collection, educational resources, and more!

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