Access Tallahassee focuses on young business hopefuls


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) – The Chamber of Commerce and city leaders are meeting today to talk about bringing more businesses into the Capital City this year.

WTXL ABC 27’s Jada Williams was live Tuesday morning to tell about the meeting targeting a key age group, young people.

The focus is on young people opening up businesses, and that’s where Access Tallahassee comes in.

They’ll do a year in review of last year’s programs and a look ahead at the new programs they’ll be offering this year.

A new key focus is talent retention and making sure that once college students graduate, they have a reason and a desire to stay right in Tallahassee.

Richard Darabi is the Access Tallahasse chair.

“We think it’s an awareness issue and that our local graduates who aren’t from Tallahassee may not know everything that Tallahassee has to offer,” Darabi said. “We also have our community engagement and this year we hope to partner with Habitat for Humanity to continue that community engagement side as well.”

One program already in place to help retention rates is Tally Job Hop.

The event takes college students about to graduate to various businesses around town.


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