Tally Job Hop Frequently Asked Questions

“I highly recommend any student looking to start their career to consider participating in the Tally Job Hop. You’ll discover great companies with amazing cultures, and you’ll meet smart people that are making a huge impact. I now have more options because of Tally Job Hop.” – Jose Rodriguez

Who should apply for the Tally Job Hop?

Students from Florida A&M University, Florida State University, Tallahassee Community College, and Flagler College are all welcome to apply. Students interested in staying in Tallahassee who are graduating in these industry majors or students showing an interest in a promoted field are encouraged to submit an application.

What should I expect the day to look like?

The Hop will last from 12:30 p.m. until about 7:00 p.m. (we can provide excused absence requests if needed). The vans will pick up the students from outside the TCC Center for Innovation (Kleman Plaza downtown) and from there move on to the Job Hop stops. At the last stop students will hear from some companies that we don’t have time to visit. Finally we will end the day with a reception for the students and the participating companies’ employees. This is a great opportunity to talk one-on-one with employers you may be interested in and build relationships that could help you land the job.

How effective is the Job Hop for participating students?

The Tally Job Hop landed paid internships for 30% of the participating students and several others have been matched with mentors. Additionally, all of the participating students learned about companies and job opportunities that they did not know previously existed in Tallahassee.

Why do I need to apply, and how selective are you?

We choose approximately 25 students to participate in each Tally Job Hop. We must select those students who show an interest in staying in Tallahassee and who fit the cultures of the companies on the tour.

Who should apply?

Undergraduate, graduate students, and recent graduates whose majors align with promoted job hop industries.

Will this event increase my chances of landing an internship or job?

Absolutely! During the tours and networking events, you will get the opportunity to meet with managers and representatives from each company. And as an added bonus, we collect every attendee’s resumé into a binder and supply these binders to each business.

Are all these companies hiring?

Yes! Most of the companies on the Tally Job Hop tour are hiring for either interns or full-time positions. Please read the description for each company to see what sorts of people they want to hire.

What makes this Job Hop better than attending a job fair?

At a typical job fair, you will meet with recruiters from different companies. Your impression of the company will be based only on what you see at the job fair (the personality of the recruiter, their booth banner, and any marketing brochures/give aways). Our goal with the Tally Job Hop is to give students a much more immersive experience with the different companies in Tallahassee. Participants will get a tour of each work place, meet the staff, and get a good feel for the work place vibe.

What types of companies will be on the tour?

Our goal is to showcase a wide range of local businesses. Some will be startups or small companies with a few employees. Others will be more established and larger in size (anywhere from 25 – 60 employees). And even though every company is based here in Tallahassee, several have major projects being worked on in all parts of the U.S. and even internationally.

What should I wear? What should I bring?

You should dress professionally. Women should wear a nice dress or a blouse with either dress pants or skirt. Guys should wear a button shirt and khakis or dress pants at a minimum; a sports coat or suit is optional. Be sure to bring a notepad to jot down notes about each place.


Who is putting this event on?

An idea created and originally brought to life in the spring of 2016 by Lester Hutt of Diverse Computing, in partnership with the FSU College of Communication & Information, the Tally Job Hop has become an initiative of the The Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce and its young professional program, Access Tallahassee. This event couldn’t be possible without the partnership with our local higher educational institutions and Chamber members looking to recruit and retain our diverse talent.