Sara Britton Jacobs, Comcast Spotlight

Sara Britton Jacobs

As a new mom, Sara Britton Jacobs has to be very strategic about how she spends her time. Juggling responsibilities for her 9-month-old girl (and her husband) and her job working for Comcast Spotlight doesn’t leave much wiggle room for involvement in organizations that do not return her investment.

That is why the Tallahassee native chose Access Tallahassee as a way to stay connected and nurture her business contacts. “I have been working for Comcast Spotlight in advertising sales for six and half years, and Access has proven to be really valuable,” she said. “I work on ways to help businesses grow and prosper, and Access is centered around the same things — exchanging contacts, working on the bottom line and helping businesses grow.”

Some people think of Access events as strictly a networking tool, but it is more than that, Jacobs said.  “It encourages business support and personal growth opportunities. The events are educational whether or not the speaker is in your field. Anything I have ever attended, I have always walked away having learned something new.”

Generally, babies don’t do much for a social life, but Jacobs says she still enjoys socializing with family and friends and being outdoors. “I have a lot of fun with my very large extended family in town,  and they’re always helpful, which is great. We hope to do some traveling again soon — once the baby is a little older.”

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