Andrea Idol – Brookdale Centre Pointe

Where do you work and what is your role?

Marketing for Brookdale Centre Pointe Alzheimer’s and Dementia Memory Care. Brookdale has more than 1,100 communities in the country. We are by far the largest senior living company in the country. Our location has been here 20 years and we in the hub of everything clinical. I directed programming and was subsequently promoted to my current role. I don’t underestimate anyone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. There is always a way to connect to someone’s heart and meet them right where they are.

Tell us a little about your background.

I have worked more than 10 years in PR, journalism, broadcast and sales. I hold a B.S. in Broadcast and a minor in Public Relations/Journalism. I also worked some exciting jobs in Israel and Northern Ireland. I spent a significant amount of my energies communicating urgent international news for an organization that had significant crisis response outreach in more than 100 nations. I helped push urgent news that CNN and FOX would also be covering, but fortunately we had amazing contacts who live in those nations to facilitate fast and factual first-hand news. We reached more than 250,000 people in one week on social media. I get excited to help develop diverse strategies for companies and enjoy being a part of making it happen.

Why Tallahassee?

I have met amazing people here. At a certain point in your career you learn that who you surround yourself with and who you become in the process is way more important than personal gain, at least in my opinion.

What do you like about Tallahassee?

Excellent quality of life—there is a coffee shop every time I turn around.

What’s on the top of your Tallahassee bucket list?

Marry someone gorgeous. No shame.

What’s the best part about Access? Why/how did you get involved?

Two of my friends who are current members have talked it up for about a year. I was not in a place to get involved beforehand. But I understand what all the buzz is about now.

Any other organizations you’re involved in?

I am actually about to join a few groups this fall and will report back how that goes!


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