Whitney VanLandingham, TALCOR Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc.

Whitney Weeks

Whitney Weeks was being prepared for her current job as marketing director for TALCOR Commercial Real Estate Services from the day she graduated from college. She just didn’t know it at the time.  After earning a degree in advertising from  the University of Florida in 2009, the Quincy native moved back to the area and worked for an ad agency and a CPA firm, a unique but perfectly blended experience for her current position.

“I learned a lot in those jobs, but my passion is to be in public and talking to people and interacting,” Whitney said. “This job allows me to get out of the office and network.”

A big part of those efforts involve Access events and activities. “Access is great at getting people engaged and involved, which is a huge part of my job, and what I love to do. I meet at least one new person at every Access event I go to. I enjoy the fact that meeting those people allows me to share my knowledge of the business, and they can do the same. There are a lot of great businesses here with a lot to offer.”

Whitney is also happy for the chance to return to the capital region. “I love Tallahassee,” she said. “There are lots of exciting things to do here that people don’t know about. Access helps transition young people from college to a professional life by being part of a lot of those activities.”

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