Amanda Morrison, Social Catering & Events

Amanda MorrisonWhere do you work and what is your role?

Managing Partner, Social Catering & Events and Chair of Access Leads C

Where are you from?

Rhinebeck, NY but I have lived in Tallahassee for 15 years. It is most definitely home!

Why did you come to and stay in Tallahassee?

Like many, I came here to attend FSU but quickly fell in love with the charm of Tallahassee. I can’t imagine another place where I could have connected with so many wonderful people in diverse sectors of our community, which ultimately lead to the opportunity to start my own business.

What do you like about Tallahassee?

I love that even as we are rapidly growing as a city, there is still a very personal and meaningful relationship building process in the business world. As a young professional, I appreciate the tremendous effort by both public and private industry to make Tallahassee a place where I can work, live, and play.

How and why did you get involved with Access?

I learned about, joined, and was signed up to be on the leadership of Access Leads C all in the same lunch meeting! For the last two years Madison Social has had the opportunity to be a presenting sponsor of the program and we instantly saw the value. Our staff, leadership team, and ownership are all in the young professional set and having the opportunity to connect with customers and business partners that share our vision has been something you can’t put a price tag on.

How has Access helped you grow both personally and professionally?

Access has allowed me to make countless connections with people that have become clients, partners, and friends. The programming is perfectly balanced between casual networking opportunities like Cocktails & Connections and relevant educational content with the quarterly Power Lunches. I am truly energized every time I step into an Access event. There is something very powerful about being surrounded by other forward-thinking, passionate young professionals that are working to build the next chapter of our city.

What has been the best part of your Access experience so far?

Serving on the leadership team of Leads Group C since its formation in May of 2014. It has been an honor being first Vice Chair and now Chair of our group. Starting Leads C was a tremendous effort and its launch and continued growth is really representative of how much the overall Access program has grown exponentially in the past few years thanks to the leadership and investment from the Chamber Staff and Board.

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